Okay Halloween might be over but that is no reason not to post an amazing LEGO Halloween themed build. This creation by Jake Hansen sure is something else. It is completely studless (not counting the studs on the foliage). This makes this creation almost look like it is not made out of LEGO bricks. Not building on a base but placing each element loose on paper also helps. Jake uses some interesting techniques. There are treasure chest lids hidden in the tree trunks. The best part has to be that cute fence and the balcony made with umbrellas. There is a stash of pumpkins next to the house. If you look closely you’ll spot that the ones in the back are not orange but red. This creates more depth as they look like there’s a shadow cast upon them because they are further away. Very clever. Another clever technique has to be the tombstone made out of a 2×2 round tile with hole and bar holders with clips attached to the back of the round plate. The effect is amazing!

Sometimes a build comes along that makes you scratch your head. Some parts are just obscure enough that they’re hard for everyone to recognize. Of course, builders like Daniel Church like to go the extra mile to use an element that might not technically be its own element. Such is the case of these bright blue wheels, salvaged from the housing of some Chima ripcord bases. These Blue Bombshells are the latest Hyperious Choppers. Wonderfully compact and brick-built, these motorcycles are the perfect addition to a futuristic or cyberpunk-style build. Those hubless wheels and greebly engine sections contrast nicely with the smooth, colorful upper bodies.

There’s been a lot of focus lately on the massive 10294 Titanic, but did you know LEGO has also released a lot of things that also deal with nautical themes? Why, there’s even a whole season of LEGO Ninjago shows and sets devoted to that sort of thing! The flagship of the Seabound sub-theme is LEGO Ninjago 71756 Hydro Bounty – a 1159 piece set available now from the LEGO Shop Online for US $129.99 | CAN $169.99 | UK £119.99. It has a whopping ten minifigures, a giant submarine packed with surprises, and even a fun twist on a Stingray muscle car. Sound too good to be true? Read on and judge for yourself!

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The brilliant (in my opinion) 2021 adaptation of Dune is finally out in theaters, and one of the most distinctive vehicles introduced in the Sci-fi epic is the flying ship known as the Ornithopter. ZiO Chao captures the details of this small craft perfectly. The book describes an insect-like multi-winged vessel that flies using a mechanical flapping motion but is also capable of jet-powered flight. Director Denis Villeneuve combined this inspiration with an Apache helicopter, so it is only fitting that ZiO used helicopter rotors for the wings.

Other details like the retractable ramp for boarding, and the landing gear that continue the insect vibe as they extend downward for landings. With photographic effects to add motion blur, you can almost hear the low whining thrum of the wing beats.

How many pieces does it take to build a good model? Not many at all, if you’ve got a little ingenuity and a good imagination. This tiny build by “Big Daddy” Nelson would make as good a desk display as the official LEGO Ideas 21313 Ship in a Bottle set, especially if your desk is spacially challenged like mine. In fact, I’d love to have a whole lineup of micro sets to display. The ship itself is made of fewer than 15 elements, and the bottle is around the same. Its design is made possible thanks to the new 4×4 half-sphere elements that debuted in 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors’ Edition a few months ago, which form both ends of the bottle.

Here at The Brothers Brick we love smart building techniques. Our hearts start beating a little bit faster when we see a LEGO part used in a clever way. But clever and smart do not always mean complex. Andrea Lattanzio shows us that sometimes simple is the way to go with their 1×1 round plate sea.

While it’s not a new technique, using different colours to create waves is a real nice touch. Making the house in the same vibrant colour as the ocean is a nice way to draw attention away from the bright sea and towards the detailed little house. Plus the bright colour of the house highlights all the earth-toned details around the house. If the house was earth-toned too, those little details wouldn’t stand out as much as they do now. However, the simple studded sea is probably one of the only simple techniques used in this creation. Andrea also built a trabucco, which is an ancient fishing machine from the east coast of Italy. This build looks like it is defying gravity and I truly wonder how sturdy it is. It looks so fragile with those thin legs. I can’t help but wonder how many times the legs collapsed when Andra made alterations to the platform on top. Or maybe the legs were added as the final step to the build to prevent this from happening.

If you live in a city, you likely also have at least one coffee cart somewhere, and now with the release of LEGO 40488 Coffee Cart, you can include a cute coffee stand in your LEGO city. The cute little 2-wheeled cart includes a bicycle, 2 Minifigs, and a little table with an umbrella. 40488 Coffee Cart comes with 149 pieces and is free with a qualifying purchase of US $65 | CAN $65 | UK £65 from LEGO, available now through Nov. 14.

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Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has quickly become a hit amongst fans and critics. The cinematography and soundtrack balance perfectly with the classic narrative to deliver a knock-out blockbuster that will last the ages. Much like Star Wars, Star Trek, and others, Dune features a plethora of cultures, planets, and religions. For me and other fans of LEGO, though, it’s the spacecraft and vehicles that really round it all out. The Ornithopters of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic have been a challenge for past projects but Denis Villeneuve’s design team produced a craft that will surely become iconic. When I saw this Ornithopter by TBB alumn Simon Liu, I had to know more. I talked with Simon about avoiding spoilers prior to opening night, his immediate need to build this beauty, and the challenges he faced with its final design.

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Inspired by the Vic Viper ship from the Gradius games, Andreas Lenander has created his own starship named the Valkyrie VV. The fighter has a striking appearance with its bold colours and prominent angles. There are some great details around the engines where space blasters have been used to represent mechanical elements. The wings are connected via angled handle pieces and roller skate pieces are used in silver to portray grill sections in the front wings. The cockpit is where Andreas started from and he has used a windscreen which was commonly featured in some classic airport and space sets.

In the video below, Andreas talks through the build and also shows us some different angles and details of the model.

The last time I hung out under a tree shirtless with a sword it led to a record number of cops showing up at the scene. But this LEGO minifigure pulls it off in style and that probably has everything to do with his sweet washboard abs. Unlike my drunken ordeal at the city park, SweStar has portrayed a sense of harmony and serenity here. I’m loving the tree trunk and even the root that extends beyond the orderly border. This is a bit tricky and not entirely recommended for the novice but this builder separated the minifigure legs from its waist in order to have the figure seated in a lotus position. Classy! Check out our archives to see the other times we’ve been totally enchanted by this builder’s stuff.

The end of Disney+’s WandaVision series finds Wanda Maximoff sitting on the porch of a remote cabin in the mountains. As a tea kettle whistles, she rises and goes inside to pour herself a drink and we see that inside the cabin is a second Wanda, this one in full Scarlet Witch attire, hovering in the air and using her powers to comb through ancient texts. No doubt she’s looking for answers to the questions the show raised. If this is a spoiler for you, I don’t know what to say. You’ve had eleven months to watch it. And Lego_nuts has spent one and a half of those eleven months creating a custom build inspired by Wanda’s quest for knowledge.

The cabin we see here is much larger than the one glimpsed in the show, but in a way that’s the perfect direction to take. Since the studying Scarlet Witch appears to be some sort of astral projection, I like to imagine this build represents the mystical library that Wanda is accessing. Standing multiple stories tall, this space is filled with books and artifacts in every possible corner. That, combined with its dramatic lighting, makes this a true marvel of scene setting. But you won’t need to study ancient texts to find out how he did it. Just have a look at the video below.

Look at that little star! They’re so adorable when they’re that age, aren’t they? Esteemed LEGO builder Koen Zwanburg tells us that this little star enjoys playing with planets. Don’t we all? Gosh they start off as a cute little gas cloud then before you know it they’re expanding into a Red Giant consuming the planets around it into a fiery hellish doom, then they implode in on themselves into a cold White Dwarf or whatever. But that’s like…a long time from now. We’ll have plenty of time to admire its cuteness before we are all vaporized into oblivion. In the meantime, check out why we’re so intrigued by this builder’s stuff.

This was built for a great cause called Build to Give. Click the little blue link to see what its all about and maybe build your own star to help out.